Plunder started in 2008 when our CEO, Hillary Adams and her family were hit hard during the recession. She found herself grocery shopping from her parents pantry to feed her family of 5 and eventually they were forced to file bankruptcy. She and her husband Abe had come to terms that the help they needed at this point could only come from above.

It was then she put her creative mind to work. She had been making her own jewelry for years from pieces out of her grandmothers collection of vintage brooches and antique costume jewelry. Her pieces attracted the attention of many of her friends and family and soon she decided to take it to the next step. She helped other women in her community by paying them to help her makes pieces in her garage at home so that they too could contribute financially to their families. Soon she began setting up at trade shows and events like the Swiss Days, which is an outdoor event in Utah. Her business was $30,000 in the red but prayers were answered by the time she left that event, selling an astounding $94,000 worth of jewelry.

Then, six months pregnant with her fourth child, Hillary was going through a devastating miscarriage. It was then she thought to herself, “If i can’t have this baby, then I’m going to have one hell of a business.” It was at another event that Hillary met a consultant for another Direct Sales Company. As they talked, Hillary realized her business could be so much more and Direct Sales may be the answer.

In 2014, Plunder Design officially launched as a Direct Sales Company. The word “Plunder” means to take by force. I think for Hillary, that meant to “prepare to fight for her dreams and stop taking leftovers that aren’t getting us anywhere. For the first year Plunder had a few 300 stylists. Presently we have around 8000 stylists nearly 3 years later. This is a company steadily growing with a great ground floor opportunity to offer women ready to own their own business.

If you ask me, God definitely has a huge hand on this business. I see his works everyday in my personal business and growth and so many others. I know He is using Plunder and Hillary to be a blessing to so many women and their families.