Plunder Parties are so much fun! Call up your friends, family or neighbors to join in the fun and try on some of our sassy vintage jewelry at savvy prices.



You can host a traditional Plunder Design Party in your home or a hostesses home. Our Plunder Design Stylist will bring over plenty of our designs to try one and choose from. The hostess will receive hostess rewards and FREE Plunder!



A Plunder Boutique in Bag is the same as a home party but you can take it on the go. Take it to church, sports practice or anywhere you may be going. Our Plunder Design Stylist will provide some of our wonderful vintage pieces along with catalogs, order forms and business cards should anyone have any questions her stylist is just a phone call away. The hostess will of course receive hostess rewards and FREE Plunder!


Taking your Plunder to events to show it off is always fun. You can set up literally anywhere. Think of all the craft fairs, events, shops and so on you can display your vintage pieces. This offers our Plunder Design Stylists a way to show off and talk about all the wonderful things Plunder to a large variety of people! You can even use yourself as the Hostess for this type of party and earn FREE Plunder yourself!



Check out these tips for a successful Facebook party!

You in? Contact me to set a date!