I thank God every day for the amazing women I’ve met through Plunder. I feel like every woman who has become a part of my team has a purpose here and is part of His plan for this company. Not every woman who joins wants a career, or part-time job, or really even want the extra money. Some of these women just love being part of the community and having new friendships. I love that no matter what your “Why” may be, Plunder can be the perfect fit for what you are looking for.

I have a group on Facebook for my team and leaders that i use to share the tips, tricks, and tools that I’ve used in my business so that they can duplicate the same things that have worked for me. In my group you will find things like videos, scripts, verbiage, party games, sales ideas, graphics, photos and tons more to help them grow their business. I make sure my team has access to anything and everything I learn.

The best part of being a leader for me is getting to help these women and being beside them on this journey. Helping them find their “why”, what they want out of their business, and be there to help them. Helping to reach their goals, coach and cheer them on and help them find out who they are. Assuring them that THEY can do this! I love being able to watch as they begin to grow more confidence and feel better about themselves and as God blesses their business.

I think being a leader has taught me ALOT! Before Plunder I had never been in a leadership role, so i had to do a lot of self-development and personal growth I guess you could say. I read a lot of books on leadership and direct sales. I have talked with business and personal coaches. I go to almost any online training course I can get my hands on. I want to make sure I am constantly growing to be the best leader I can for my team. I love being able to give my team as much information as I can that I learn from books and trainings or courses.

I absolutely love being a leader, I love my team! These girls are what keeps me going. It’s like a high when I get a message from one of them and they are so pumped up about hitting their goal, or reaching a rank they have been working for. When I get a “Thank You” for being able to help them on their journey its the most rewarding part of my job. I lose sleep some nights because I’m up late celebrating their success and sharing that excitement with them! It is so amazing to be a part of. At the end of the day I just want to make sure I have made time to help anyone on my team that needed it and that my girls know I’m always here to help them. I want to make sure i’ve give them the tools and information to grow their business and that they know how much I appreciate them.

Come join us!