Chances are you are here in hopes of learning a little more about my Plunder journey and maybe looking for more information about joining this life changing company.

My name is Chandi Nunley. I live in small town McMinnville, TN and have two amazing children and a supportive husband.

I am a 4 Star Peep Leader and stylist with Plunder Design and was one of the first 4 to reach the top rank of the company and was able to in less than a year.

Looking back I see how God has worked in my life to prepare me for where I am today. Even as a young kid I remember wanting to own my own business. I would make friendship bracelets in middle school and sell them to my friends. I’d head to school with my Ziploc bag full of string and a paper and pencil for orders and had my own little side hustle at a very young age. I have always loved connecting with people, crafting, jewelry, and making extra cash!

In 2015 I was making glitz pageant dresses when someone told me about the Plunder opportunity. At first I was hesitant, I was making a decent amount creating dresses, but at the same time, it was stressful, back-breaking work and long nights away from my family. Skeptical, I finally gave in to joining when I had decided the amount of jewelry in my cart i planned on ordering was far more than the $99 kit. I loved everything I saw, so decided by joining at least I would get the discount to use for myself.

The morning after I enrolled, we headed out of town for Easter. With 3 hours of riding time I decided I’d share a few of the pieces on social media to pass the time. What happened next was something I never could have expected. Needless to say, the last dress I was working on when I joined Plunder never got finished.

The response I got to those first few posts changed my life. Women were excited about the product I was able to offer them and even more excited to hear about the opportunity they could be a part of as well.

Fast forward to the present, Over 1200 team members, a 6 figure yearly income, and endless friendships made, I work hard to make sure the women part of my team have all the tools, help, and guidance they need to make their Plunder business exactly what they want.
I love being able to help these ladies reach new goals, promote new ranks, and earn the incomes they have always dreamed.

If you think Plunder could be an asset to your life like I know it can, please reach out to me so that we can chat. I am so excited to help get you off to the right start!