Plunder Design McKensie Necklace

Plunder McKensie Necklace

Plunder McKensie Necklace

This beautiful monogram definately screams “SUMMER”. If you love vintage inspired pieces then this is a necklace you will be glad to don with any look!

Monograms are an essential element of southern style. Let’s get real: monograms are, in fact, a mandatory element of Southern style. They make a statement. They make your statement. Monograms put a personal spin on everything from purses and home decor to clothing and jewelry.

Monograms date as far back as Ancient Greece, but really flourished during the Victorian Era with the rise of the bourgeoisie, who monogrammed everything from linens and shirts to lockets, seals, cards and even carriages. Over a century later, monograms continue to inspire such style. Interesting to think of Queen Victoria modeling a piece like this over 100 years ago isn’t it?

What is something you can’t pass up when you see your monogram available? Pillows? Tops? Bags? Let’s hear it in the comments!